Announcing the VIF 2024 Preliminary Schedule

The 2024 schedule maximizes curated team ensemble building and rehearsal while maintaining an exciting series of core festival workshops. It also allows for anyone who wishes to expand their improv experience with an intensive performance focused masterclass to schedule that as well. All this while preserving time for everyone who desires it to wander the beach, hike the woods or pick up a game of beach volleyball.

Thursday afternoon from noon provides a 6 hour block of free time.  

Those who want to use the Festival to nurture their improv fix will have the choice of optional and unique improv content.

Here are the content blocks in the schedule

  • From 9-noon each day the focus is on Curated Teams. No conflicts here-if it's not a curated team, it isn't happening. Curated Teams will perform in Daylight hours
  • From 1 pm-3:30 PM all participants are scheduled for a rotating series of workshops with our illustrious world class instructors. 
  • From 3:30-5:45 each day only Master Classes are scheduled.
  • Happy Hour/Community Hour occurs daily just before dinner
  • Featured Shows in 2024 will be from 8-10 PM nightly
  • Jams to follow every night.

Check  the website for updates.



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