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NEW!!! Amy Angelilli Scenes From the Heart Emotionally Committing to Scene Work Part 2 : June 3 3-5 PM ET

NEW!!! Amy Angelilli Scenes From the Heart Emotionally Committing to Scene Work Part 2 : June 3 3-5 PM ET

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About the Workshop

Scenes from the Heart: emotionally committing to scene work Part 2


You don't have to have done Part 1, this will just be different that the first workshop


Real connections make for real (good) improv. So, why is it that as improvisers we sometimes take the stage and feel the need to fill every quiet space with things that don’t matter? This workshop approaches scene work from the perspective that real feelings drive real connections. From this place of honesty, we can have rich scenes that are about people and relationships. And, with this mindset, we’ll never be at a loss for what to do next in a scene because our emotional commitment will lead our characters to natural responses. Let’s practice doing what a real person would do … caution: real feelings and real connections just might happen!





About Amy


As The Adventure Project’s Chief Adventure Officer, and as Third Space Improv’s Ringleader, Amy Angelilli combines the art of cooperative play with mindful moments and laughter to help others grow and connect personally – and professionally. She has facilitated “play”shops for business leaders, college students, conferences and retreats, non-profit organizations, summer camps (for kids and grown-ups!), after school programs, and active senior centers. Her immersive play-work focuses on self-discovery and meaningful connections ... and, of course, fun! Currently she heads up a five-level improv school at Third Space Improv, her studio in St. Augustine, Florida, and she also leads team building, bonding, and development sessions for organizations – in person and virtually. Since arriving in Florida in 2015, she has facilitated cooperative play experiences for people from 9 to 92 and every age in between. She’s also a certified laughter yoga leader, author of 100 Things to Do in St.Augustine Before You Die, an avid travel hacker, and a cat lady.


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