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Vintage Improv

Hal Peller Improv is Easier Than You Think Jun 12, 2024, 3-5 PM ET

Hal Peller Improv is Easier Than You Think Jun 12, 2024, 3-5 PM ET

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Improv is Easier Than You Think


2 hour workshop ,any skill level and age 17 and up

If you are trying to be clever and funny when you improvise you are working too hard.

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Viola Spolin wrote the book on Improvisation for the Theater, first published in 1963, and consisted of over 220 games and exercises. This is considered to be the main origins of modern improvisation. The games have changed little over the years and I’ve been using this same book for over 40 years and have found it to be near foolproof for work with groups of all ages, and experience levels. The games are designed to solve different problems that actors, and improvisers face in every performance. The games are designed so that anybody can do them and become stage worthy. Playing them will trip the player into their intuitive zone. The intuitive is where you know what to do without ever having the experience before.  Also, you will learn the basics of space work which will help you in creating the stage picture for you and your fellow players; which will benefit the audience, too. Paul Sills said, “This is not an acting technique… it is learning to respect the invisible.”

Get your free e-book “Improvisation is Easier Than You Think” at

About Hal

Hal Peller has been a facilitator of Spolin Improvisation since 1981.   Hal was facilitating Improvisation Workshops in New York City.  His improvisation workshops were nominated for an INNY Award, ‘Best Improvisation Workshop’. He has also coached the Harold Team, 'Eskimo Dance’, for which he was also nominated for "Best Coach." Hal has directed the Little Britches (an all women comedy group) and Brooklyn Improv Group (BIG).  He directed “The Fine Young Comedians”, a teen sketch comedy group that performed at Stand-Up New York and featured on ABC FAMILY TV. Hal facilitated workshops at the Broadway Theater Institute including “Improvisation for the Theater”, “Theater Games for Non-Actors”, “Theater Games for Teachers (Staff Development)”, and “Corporate Management Training”.  Hal coaches stand-up comedians and theater companies throughout the world. 

Hal studied with Paul Sills, David Shepherd, Del Close and Martin Harvey Friedberg of Chicago’s Second City Theater. 

Hal did stand-up comedy in the 1970’s, then in the 1980’s became the founding Artistic Director and cast member of the “Port Authority Theater Ensemble”, a New York improv group with performances throughout NYC and 8 summers in Cape May, NJ.


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