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Vintage Improv

NEW! LINDSAY DRUMMOND Introduction to the Mockumentary June 13 7-9 pm ET

NEW! LINDSAY DRUMMOND Introduction to the Mockumentary June 13 7-9 pm ET

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Introduction to the Mockumentary

Join us for this unique, super fun and simple format.
We will create a documentary on the fly- in the style of Spinal Tap, A Mighty Wind, Best in Show, This Country, The Office, We can be Heroes...etc
Rather than doing scenes with each other we are doing them to the imaginary camera crew! 
We are breaking the 4th wall and directly addressing the audience.  After getting comfortable addressing the camera rather than our partner, we will get into 'super-agreement' about our premise and our role in the overall narrative.
We will discover interesting characters, places and relationships and also bring newsflashes, fact checks, and advertisements into the mix!
Challenge yourself with this 'fly on the wall' look at scenes and idiosyncratic characters with unusual relationships! This is going to be a blast! 
Can't wait! See you there! 



About Lindsay:

Lindsay is a self-confessed 'Improv evangelist' and truly believes if everyone in the world did just one Improv class, the world (maybe even the universe) would be a better place!

Founder of Improv Hub (Australia’s only online dedicated improv school), Lindsay was one of the first in the world to start teaching improv online. As a pioneer of online improv Lindsay teaches games, tools and exercises especially for an online environment. 
Lindsay has a Bachelor of Social Science (Behavioural Studies), a Graduate Certificate in Creative and Professional Practice and is a Master Practitioner of NLP. Lindsay has also been a professional musician and entertainer for over 20 years. Lindsay has trained in Improv with some of the best and most prominent improvisers in the world such as Jill Bernard, David Razowsky, Patti Stiles, Heather Uquart, Joe Bill, Carlo Richie, Liz Peters, Stephen Thornton, Armando Diaz, Will Hines, Brian James O’Connell, Jim Woods and Andrew Eninger. 
Lindsay is the creator of 'Drummond and Friend', a popular online YouTube show where she improvises scenes with improvisers from all around the world. Lindsay also hosts the Masters of Improv Podcast on YouTube where she interviews some of the best improv teachers in the world.



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