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Vintage Improv

NEW!!! LUANA PROENCA ImproClownization June 4 5-7 pm ET

NEW!!! LUANA PROENCA ImproClownization June 4 5-7 pm ET

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About the class: We will work improvisation from the rhythm and energy of the clown, exploring physicality. relationship with the audience and the improv creation flow.



Luana Proença is a Brazilian artist graduated in Acting, with specialization in Cultural Management, and Master in Arts. She had her own Theater and Producer School in Brazil from 2008 to 2016, and a College teacher in Directing and Acting from 2014 to 2017. She is a member of the Brazilians groups Novos Candangos and Saída Sul with which she created her solo show “Aleatório”. She moved to Lisbon in September 2018 in order to begin her PhD studies continuing her research in Improv. Her Master’s work was a proposal applied for an Improv Training using Sports, Viewpoints Techniques, and Improv Games. In 2018 she started the project “Visando Impro” with which she writes a blog about Improv in Portuguese, and she also made the Improv Documentary "It was necessary to listen to other voices". She completed the Improv program at The Second City Training Center Hollywood and a few Master Classes from 2016 to 2018. In Europe, she has been a member of the Improv Groups Lilimprov and Codfish Waters, and also in The SIN (an European Improvisation Network), and the cast of international Improv shows as "Room 3" (Dance, Improv and Tarot) with the improvisers Amy Lamier and Jamie Graham from USA. She created the monthly project Impro.Lab, where she teaches and coordinates Improv Master Classes, and also the Project Jelly Jams with Stephen Thornton (USA) in Lisbon. She also translates “Status” magazine to Portuguese. Her background is also in Dance, Physical Theater, Dramaturgy and Animation Theater. She teaches and performs internationally with her theater and improvisation workshops and shows. She has published the books "Our Direction on Stake: Directing is Part of Improvising" (2021), "Have you ever wondered if...? Questions for Teaching Impro" (2020) written with 11 other female improvisers from the Feminist Pedagogical Laboratory La Otra Escena, and "Essays on Improv" with members of the European Impro network The SIN. She is one of the creators minds, curator and manager of IRREVERENTE - International Impro Festival of Lisbon. Luana was Dramaturgy and Performative Techniques teacher at Chapitô Circus School in Lisbon. In 2023 she taught workshops and performed in Lisbon (Portugal) , Canberra (Australia), and Brasília (Brazil).

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