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Vintage Improv

Miki's PlayDates Scholarship Edition

Miki's PlayDates Scholarship Edition

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Give Money for Scholarships

We are inviting our faculty from 2020-2022 who saw us through the Pandemic with these whimsical PlayDates with Miki. They ranged from puppets to clowns to props to costumes to masks to scenes to acting skills to face acrobatic to sessions where we supported each other with the loving kindness of amazingly successful improv greats. We are bringing them back with the help of many of these wonderful artists and teachers in a scholarship event. We aren't asking these artists to donate their time, although some have. We recognize their professional standing and they are splitting the proceeds with us. In order to make the best of this, we would love to have full sessions, typically of 8. 

You may buy a ticket at the fair market value or you may buy a ticket that adds an extra $10 that will go exclusively to the scholarship fund. Please tell your friends about this so they can join us too. Keep checking back as the offerings will increase.

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