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Vintage Improv

NEW!!! INBAL LORI The Want and the Need June 6, 2024 1-3 pm ET

NEW!!! INBAL LORI The Want and the Need June 6, 2024 1-3 pm ET

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The Want and the Need

This workshop has a minimum enrollment requirement. Please share with all your friends that love to work with Inbal !!!




Actress, writer, coach, director and improviser

I am Inbal and I have been involved in many artistic projects since 2000. Originally from Israel. Now based in Berlin.

As a performance artist, I find I achieve the biggest artistic freedom by combining all my skills into improvisational theater. There I create a theater piece in the moment as I invent something out of nothing.

In 2010  I started coaching  improvisation to professional actors, amateurs and business companies all over the world. My coaching and performing have taken me to the U.S.A, Canada, Australia and many places in Europe like Paris, Oslo, Stockholm, Prague, Vienna, Lisbon, Bucharest, Helsinki and more.

During those years of coaching I realized that the tools of improvisation have the power to develop and transform people’s communication skills, relationships and charisma. Armed with this experience, in 2015 I moved to Berlin to apply this knowledge in the international artistic and business context. I call it “Human Communication”. And I am enjoying every second of it!

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